The Green Twig School
30 Paterson Ave
Midland Park NJ, 07432
est. 1980
Fantastic Fun Days:
May 8th, Sports Jersey Day
May 15th, Crazy Hair Day
May 18th, Crazy Hat Day
May 22nd, Super Hero Day
May 25th, Favorite T-Shirt Day
May 30th, Mismatched Day
June 5th, All One Color Day
June 8th, Pajama Day
June 14th, Patriotic Day (Flag Day)
Summer Camp, now registering.
New this summer our Little Ones 3 day camp 
(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Ages appropriate for this camp, 2 years 7 months through 3 years 6 months

Our 5 day camp is available to ages 2 years 7 months through to children entering kindergarten in the fall.

Now 2 options to choose from:
Hours 9:00-12:30
You may select one week of camp or more. 
There are 6 weeks to choose from.
Each week is a different theme.
Camp begins the week of June 18th.

Little ones 3 day camp registration
5 day camp registration 

Use this link for an up 

to date recall and 

safety list of toys

 and products.We do.

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