Green Twig School

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Midland Park N.J. 07432

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The power and wisdom of deep roots. 


We start accepting registration forms for September 2017 as of December 1st, 2016.  Upon receipt of your yellow registration form, your child will be added to the waiting list in the class of your choice.   Indicate a second choice, 2 preferences will then carry your child on both lists.  Your child's place on the list is determined solely on the date on which the application is received. However, this does not guarantee a space in next year's class.

We have a refundable registration fee of $75.

Once our in-house registration is completed, you will receive a call to inform you of your status in next year's class.  If you wish to enroll, a contract will be sent to you.  The registration you left will hold a spot in the class until you return the contract (with one non-refundable installment).  If you do not return the contract by the reply date, we will move on and offer the spot to the next family on the list.

We move as quickly as possible.  Please do not worry about your position on a wait list.  Families tend to leave registrations in more than one school.  When GT calls to notify a family of an available space, some have already signed up with another school.  There have been instances in the past when families do not call and ask to be removed from our list.  Therefore, we do not know before calling how many families on our list are still waiting.  So remain hopeful.  As soon as we know, we will call you, either way.

Click the link above for our Application for the Fall 2017 - 2018