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The power and wisdom of deep roots. 

Did you know that singing Happy Birthday to You, twice, is long enough to get the germs off your little one's hands.  
We want our children to stay healthy and happy!

*Nuts are not the only allergies that children and adults suffer from.

*Reading labels is the key to successfully managing food allergies.

*It is very important to always read the ingredients label, even on products you have always used as manufacturers can change their ingredients without warning.


*Look for these key words or phrases used on labels (warning avoid these products)

made on shared equipment


may contain

made in a facility that also processes

Birthdays and special snacks
If your child has a birthday or you would like to bring a special snack:  
please email the class parent and check on allergies.

It's nice to try to include all the children in the celebration.
 Your child may not have allergies
but your children's friends may.
Shedding some light on allergies in our community.
Green Twig will be adding some suggestions,
links and info about the
growing occurrence of allergies in our society.


Please, if you have any question about your child's health, keep them home. Call your PEDIATRICIAN they are always the best reference you have. If your child will be out longer than a day, please notify the school.  We worry when we don't see them. Use our parent handbook as a guide to when to keep children home and when they may return after a sickness.  Please remember a child needs to be symptom free for 24 hours before they may return.

Germ Prevention


As we begin our new school year,

we would like to remind you of the ever present germs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Twig uses an all natural hand sanitizer spray instead of an alcohol based product like Purell.

Of course, all children must wash their hands after bathroom use and before eating.

Prevention is the key, and we mean to keep our children healthy.

Please practice handwashing at home.