Green Twig School

30 Paterson Ave. 

Midland Park N.J. 07432

201 - 445 - 0747

The power and wisdom of deep roots. 

2017- 2018 School Year
Monday the 11th,First Day
Thursday the 21st, closed Rosh Hashanah 

2nd OK (green room )Tea
3rd Pre-K Red room Tea
4th Pre-k Blue room Tea
5th Nursery (yellow room )Tea
Monday the 9th closed Prof. Development 
Monday the 23rd Picture day for Yellow 3 and 5 day children and Blue room
Tuesday the 24th Picture day for Red, Green and 2 day Yellow room

Friday the 3rd Toddler Parent Tea
Thursday and Friday the 9th & 10th, OFF Teachers Convention
Wednesday through Friday the 22nd - 24th, OFF Thanksgiving
Thursday the 30th, Mother's Open House

Friday the 1st, Mother's Open House
Monday the 18th, Returning Family Fall registration
Friday through Friday the 22nd-29th,  OFF Holiday Break

School reopens Wednesday the 3rd 
Every Monday is an Open House, 9:30 to 11:00 and 12:30 to 2:00

Wednesday & Thursday the 24th & 25th, OFF Parent/Teacher conferences

Friday the 16th & Monday & Tuesday the 19th & 20th, OFF Winter Recess

Saturday the 24th, Father's Play Day
Friday the 30th, OFF Good Friday
Monday through Friday the 9th-13th, OFF Spring Recess
Thursday the 17th, OFF Parent/Teacher Conferences
28th OFF Memorial Day

Wednesday the 6th, School Picnic, no classes
All classes will have a Move Up Ceremony 10:30 at the Picnic

Summer camp begins Monday the 18th with Garden week.