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The power and wisdom of deep roots. 

Toddler Program

Ages: 21 months through 30 months.
Meets; 2 (Tues & Thurs), 3 (Mon, Wed & Fri) or 5 days per week. 9:00-11:30
Student/teacher ratio: 12 students maximum with 3 teachers, 4 to 1.

Toddlers are in the most productive time of their young lives. This is the best age for absorbing the sounds and meanings of words, developing motor skills, creating the foundation for social and emotional well-being and gaining independence.


From birth to age three, children’s brains are two and a half times more active than an adults.

They are busy building the foundation for learning. Now is the time to surround them with an environment of reading, singing, speaking and listening which provides experiences for social and emotional development. The toddlers move from solitary play to understanding the nuances of cooperative play. They will learn to control impulses and communicate their desires effectively.


A perfect program for active minds! Our classroom will be filled with experiences that are fun and designed to enhance and develop language, cognition, social and emotional awareness, physical awareness and problem solving.



AGES:        2 years 7 months by September 2017

                      up to and including 3years 6 months

MEETS:     9:00 till 11:30    or    12:30 till 3:00

DAYS:        3 day, Mon. Wed. and Fri. mornings or afternoons

                   2 day,Tues. and Thurs. mornings or afternoon

                   5 day morning or afternoon

This class begins in a gentle manner, offering time to bond with teachers, feel secure, learn new routines and separate from their primary caregiver. Each experience is new to them: sitting in the class circle, forming a 'line', taking turns, changing activities, choosing activities from the shelves.

Once the children become comfortable, we introduce academics: beginning phonics and math (number awareness) to name a few. Most skill acquisition in this class is at an exposure level.  

We achieve this through active participation with varied play materials. We seek to develop communication and behavioral skills to allow for social relationships. This is a loving, non-pressured environment where discovery and learning and are fun.  We want children to feel positive about coming and staying in school.

This is the next step up from the nursery class, it strengthens further skill development, practice in social interactions, following directions and assuming responsibilities.  Each child is  exposed to the curriculum based on his/her level of development and their own time table.  We use games and toys in phonics, math, language and fine motor areas that will expose the children to skills needed in public kindergarten. 
Some children will go into kindergarten the following fall, 
while others may miss the 'cutoff' or are 'young 5's' and will advance to our Optional Kindergarten. 

AGES:   3yrs 7 mths - 4yrs 6mths
MEETS:  5 days a week, morning OR afternoon, 8:45 till 11:15  or  12:15 till 2:45
afternoon enrichment to the 5 morning class, select from 2 (T & TH), 3 (M,W,F) or 5 days
3 day PreK  ages: 3yrs 7mths - 3yrs 11mths by September 2017
MEETS: Mon, Wed, Fri (12:15-2:45)
This class is for children who will miss public school K 'cut off' in Sept. 2018

This class is designed for the children who miss the "cut-off" for public school kindergarten or who are waiting an extra year to enter kindergarten.  Not just another year of preschool, this is a good opportunity to build on the skills developed the previous year.  A much more mature class than pre-k, the children are ready for more responsibility and choices and love to feel "grown up."  Should the child take full advantage of what's offered this year (science, creative writing, number and letter formation as well as phonics and math) they will be more than ready for "big school" next year.  Look out kindergarten, here they come!

AGES:  4 years 7 months through 5 years

MEETS: 5 days a week, mornings 9:00 till 11:30
       afternoons 12:30-3:00 or full day.

Afternoon OK enrichment to the 5 morning class: 2 (T&TH), 3 (M,W,F) or 5 afternoon selections available.

Many of Green Twig's teachers and assistants have been part of our family for at least 10 years or longer.

All of our head teachers are fully certified, and many of our assistants also hold certification.  Nancy and Melissa retain their teaching licenses as well.  Green Twig's programs have been proven to be superior to other schools', but it is our staff that helps us to provide the guidance, structure, and atmosphere that families have been returning to for over 30 years!!!!

All GT staff is background checked and fingerprinted

Substitutes:  Our substitute teachers have been with for some time and they all have a current knowledge of Green Twig's curriculum and routines.  We are lucky and happy to have them help us out.  They are an important part of our family and help keep our school working.