Green Twig School

30 Paterson Ave. 

Midland Park N.J. 07432

201 - 445 - 0747

The power and wisdom of deep roots. 

Green Twig's first priority is to provide a caring, supportive environment.  It will be filled with materials and events that have relevance to the child's realm of experience; concrete, not in any way abstract.  It will serve as a foundation for the development, expansion and extension of thought processes.  Through this environment, we will seek to:

* Foster and protect the child's physical health and well-being
Help the child to achieve a positive self-image
Encourage the child to express spontaneity and creativity
Offer a variety of experiences that satisfy and stimulate the child's innate interest and
Create an atmosphere where the child feels free to participate as an individual yet learn the
   social give and take of relationships
Encourage communication among classmates and adults to improve language skills and sharpen
    conceptual learning
Help children develop an internal control system for behavior
Encourage and reinforce listening and concentration
Communicate with and assist parents
Classroom Environment
The environments in all classrooms feature areas in:

Fine motor and eye hand coordination * Language (spoken and receptive)
Perception * Mathematics * Phonics
Building and creative, imaginary play *Art

Social development is stressed and practiced everyday.  
This is achieved through role modeling, structured situations and play areas.  
The social skills include:

Taking responsibility for actions * Helping each other * Taking a risk, trying new things
Learning how body language and words impact on others * Developing impulse control

Our parents determine their level of participation in school activities.  There are opportunities presented for special projects, parents' teas, back to school night, two formal parent/teacher conferences, father's play day, workshops, speakers and a large library of books, tapes and DVDs on a variety of child and family topics.

Parents are always welcome to visit the school at any time, no appointment is necessary. Each classroom door has a large window allowing observation at any time. Teachers are available before and end of the school day or at playground time. Please call in advance so the teachers can make themselves available.   Conferences are scheduled twice a year for a more ‘formal’ report of a child’s progress.



All of our head teachers are fully certified. We have a low student / teacher ratio in each class which provides constant ample supervision. All GT staff is background checked and fingerprinted. We are routinely inspected by the local and state government agencies. We own our building and it is used only by Green Twig. All our doors remain locked at all times. We monitor our facility, all entrance and exits through ADT alarm and video.

We have a large fully fenced in playground (40 x 60 feet).

Staff is CPR and First Aid certified. We have a defibrillator, EPI PEN station onsite and

first aid kits in every classroom.

In addition to a school wide liability insurance policy,

we carry individual insurance policies on each child.