Green Twig School

30 Paterson Ave. 

Midland Park N.J. 07432

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The power and wisdom of deep roots. 

Taking a closer look during the Optional Kindergarten's worm unit.

      We feel all children have the right to be cared for and respected for the unique beings that they are. Each child learns at an individual rate and learning style.  Rather than being "taught," a child learns when they are developmentally ready to do so.  Children need time to explore and experiment in a place that helps the child act on, understand and build on the world he/she knows.

Our teachers possess an excellent overall scope and sequence of child development and design the classroom and program for their students.  Learning in a "sequential order" is necessary to develop important abilities such as communication and cooperation with each other.  Our classrooms are designed for the sequential needs and development of the child.  We recognize what each child knows and needs and match the materials and experiences to those factors.  We are dedicated to the whole child!

It is our priority to provide a caring and supportive environment.  It will be filled with materials and events that have relevance to the child's realm of experience; concrete, not in any way abstract.  It will serve as a foundation for future development.

This classroom environment enables our teachers to:

* Foster and protect the child's physical health and well-being

* Help the child to achieve a positive self-image and express creativity

* Offer a variety of experiences that satisfy and stimulate the child's innate interest and curiosity

* Create an atmosphere where the child feels free to participate as an individual yet learn the

      social give and take of  relationships

* Encourage communication among classmates and adults to improve language skills and sharpen    

      conceptual learning

* Help children develop an internal control system for behavior

* Encourage and reinforce listening and concentration skills

* Communicate with and assist parents